Welcome to my Website

Welcome to our world of modern jewellery technology, combined with relaxed, personal professionalism! For decades this company has survived on referrals only.. and now our jewellery adorns loved ones of top international branded companies - to become part of their future heritage. Enjoy the journey with us to make yours! This is a journey where my 20 years of experience, will shape your dream and vision to sheer beauty!

Who is behind the shaping

Salome Veenstra: I am passionate about people and I am extremely proud of each piece delivered to a satisfied customer! I started a jewellery manufacturing business in the centre of Cape Town in 1991 with 7 workers. I have followed a Diamond Grading Course with the Jewellery Council of South Africa, and completed the course with top grades. I have been privaledged to do a Jewellery Manufacturing Course privately, followed by a Jewellery Enamelling Course.

Latest News

As you can see I have recently launched my new website, and my aim is to make the process of buying a diamond ring or any jewelry for that matter simple and professional. Stay tuned for my Twitter page information coming soon, to stay informed and in touch.